Welcome to the fantasy elite.

Congrats on stumbling across this site. As you can see we are in the early stages of design so please excuse the mess as we continue to develop.

Here you will find down to Earth, critical analysis of NFL and NBA teams, players, matchups, etc. that should give you an edge in your fantasy ventures. We do have to throw out the disclaimer that how you use this information is your doing and thefantasyelite.com is not responsible for any losses or gains you may incur from utilizing this site and any information provided on it (although tips and donations are always appreciated). Shameless plug there to donate but note we do not get paid for the content produced so any donations are a way of showing your appreciation for what we do and also goes toward improving the user experience on this site.

Good, got that out of the way. Where were we.. oh yeah, every article you find here is new, original content from myself that will detail my thought processes when analyzing and breaking down different aspects of the game in relation to season-long and daily fantasy sports. That is the reason for this site in the first place. Take it or leave it this is all raw, uncut information based upon my experiences in the fantasy industry and knowledge gained over the years from being an avid player. It may not be for everyone and if you think my analysis is complete shit please move your mouse up to the little ‘x’ in the top right corner and have a great day somewhere else. If you choose to stay then I do hope I can provide useful information and analysis to help you out. In return if you could help me out and provide feedback through the contact us link that would be greatly appreciated. Good, bad, ugly, I want it all. This is being built from the ground up and we can’t improve without you.

Now let’s get it.