Fantasy Draft Rankings 2018: QB


No intro needed, let’s jump in. These rankings are for Standard, PPR, and Half-PPR leagues. [name – team, bye week]

  1. Aaron Rodgers – GB, 7: League of his own up here. The only thing stopping him is his collarbone. He’ll be playing with a vengeance and should silence any one left who says he’s not the best QB in the league.
  2. Russell Wilson – SEA, 7: Seahawks are going to rely on him heavily if they plan to compete in games. No LOB or Beastmode, just Wilson scrambles.
  3. Deshaun Watson – HOU, 10: This may be a little high but he has weapons galore and should be able to pick up where he left off.
  4. Cam Newton – CAR, 4: He bounced back last year and now gets Greg Olsen back and Norv calling the plays; he should be in for another solid year.
  5. Tom Brady – NE, 11: I know there are a lot of TB12 fans out here that won’t agree with me putting him this low. This is conservative, but he has to slow down at some point and I think this could be the year. I’ll be avoiding him altogether.
  6. Drew Brees – NO, 6: Brees is neck and neck with TB above. I like this New Orleans offense a bit more but not enough to put him above Brady just yet.
  7. Matthew Stafford – DET, 6: He slings the rock and should be slinging it all game. Ranked him above players like Kirk and Carson because they have solid defenses and will be ahead a lot of games which means more hand-offs. Underrated by most sites; don’t sleep on him.
  8. Ben Roethlisberger – PIT, 7: High powered offense with the best RB and WR in the game. Not much else to say.
  9. Philip Rivers – LAC, 8: No one plays with more fight than this guy. Best QB in his division and he should be poised to have a career year if Mike Williams and Keenan Allen can stay off the IR.
  10. Andrew Luck – IND, 9: Yes, he hasn’t played in awhile but he is a straight stud. Grab a second QB just in case he has a setback but otherwise lock and load as the Colts will have one of the easiest schedules for him this year.
  11. Carson Wentz – PHI, 9: He was super efficient last year to the point that I believe he will regress some. Add that to the fact I mentioned above about being ahead and handing it off more and you get this tempered expectation.
  12. Jimmy Garoppolo – SF, 11: Jimmy G looked like a franchise quarterback once he got his shot at the end of last year. Now he gets Pierre back and an off-season to build rapport with his offense. The potential he has is worth taking a flier on.
  13. Kirk Cousins – MIN, 10: I would argue that for fantasy purposes Captain Kirk was in a better position at Washington. He does have some great weapons here and a stout defense but all that means is he won’t be asked to do as much.
  14. Matt Ryan – ATL, 8: If you had a chance to read my earlier article, Position Valuation, I touched on how I was fine with starting 12-14 quarterbacks. That talent falls off from here so you’ll most likely be streaming if you miss out on the above. Expecting Matty Ice to move back toward his MVP year numbers as Julio nearly triples last years 3 touchdown total.
  15. Marcus Mariota – TEN, 8: This may surprise some with the awful season he had last year but Marcus stands to have a bounce back year with the new coaching regime. He is no longer a part of the smashmouth offense under Mularkey as Tennessee cleared house and brought in Sean McVay’s offensive coordinator, Matt LaFleur. Could be a sneaky pickup after Mariota adjusts to the new offense.
  16. Alex Smith – WAS, 4: Had his best year last year and subsequently was traded away as KC wanted to pass the QB torch and Washington wanted a Kirk-alike quarterback. I can’t see him repeating the success of last year as he adjusts to the Redskins’ schemes but he won’t be terrible. Looks like he could be your bye week guy.
  17. Jared Goff – LAR, 12: I still don’t know if he is any good. Rams fans say so but that isn’t enough for me to waste a bench spot on this kid.
  18. Patrick Mahomes – KC, 12: We are starting to get to the weeds and to the draft and stash guys. Mahomes does have potential and has weapons all around him so he should be set up to succeed right? We’ll see. I’m not hyped up yet, maybe next year.
  19. Derek Carr – OAK, 7: Gruden is back and reports are that he wants to get back to running the ball. If that stands true Derek is not going to have as gaudy numbers as he could have. Mix that with his shitty season last year and my expectations are mediocre at best.
  20. Andy Dalton – CIN, 9: Eifert may be back so that could play to Andy’s favor. He still has one of the top WRs in the game on his side of the ball and the same coach that everyone thought was going to be fired 4 years ago. Nothing is changing here, Andy is still a red head and still mediocre. Sorry, hard to talk about Andy without talking about his hair.
  21. Ryan Tannehill – MIA, 11: Sleeper pick here. Ryan has been out with injuries for a couple years but now is finally healthy and ready for redemption. All these rankings from 15 and on are pretty close and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him start creeping up there.
  22. Case Keenum – DEN, 10: He could be bumped up because I know he does more than what I give him credit for. He is just so average to me.
  23. Dak Prescott – DAL, 8: Dak’s form when handing the ball off to Zeke is pristine. Enough said. He has no weapons after losing Dez and Witten. Won’t shock me if we start hearing cries for Romo to come down out of the booth to gear up once he struggles.
  24. Mitch Trubisky – CHI, 5: Another year of growth needed. Not expecting much from him this year.
  25. Eli Manning – NYG, 9: Eli eli eli. He just always has a confused, scared look on his face. However, the o-line is much improved… on the left side. Don’t get suckered in to picking him up after he has his one good game of the season.
  26. Jameis Winston – TB, 5: The suspension doesn’t help his case for this year and maybe his future as a QB in this league. I am holding out hope for him and think he can right the ship after the rocky start the Bucs are sure to have.
  27. Joe Flacco – BAL, 10: Contract year and all signs are pointing to him stepping up as he competes for his job. Also, the Ravens have a new solid WR core consisting of Crabtree, John Brown, and Willie Snead. Could be a sneaky add.
  28. Tyrod Taylor – CLE, 11: Tyrod isn’t that bad, but Hue is terrible. Add that with the Browns taking a QB number one overall this year and it seems like only a matter of time before Tyrod gets benched.
  29. Blake Bortles – JAC, 9: If I was ranking players on who would be the most fun to grab a drink with, Blake would be up top. Since that isn’t the case, leave him on the waiver wire in your leagues and cheer for him when they face the Pats in playoffs again this year.
  30. Sam Bradford – ARI, 9: Too much injury risk for me to want on my roster and the Cardinals already drafted their QB of the future to replace him when he inevitably goes down.
  31. Josh McCown – NYJ, 11: In a similar position as Bradford and Tyrod with the QB of the future in town already.. He’s only below Bradford because if Sam doesn’t get hurt he’ll probably be the starter until Arizona is out of playoff contention(..if).
  32. AJ McCarron – BUF, 11: He is not going to have much leash before the rookie backup gets a chance. I won’t be paying attention to what’s going on over in Buffalo.
  33. – 40. Consists of all the rookie QBs that will probably get a shot to start, along with Big Dick Nick because you know why. Baker Mayfield to me is the only one moderately worth holding out hope for this year. Even so, there are too many other decent QBs for you to be worried about what’s down here.


Good talk and good luck.



Photo Credit: Lambeau Field by Mike Morbeck.
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