NBA DFS – 11/11/2018

5 games on this Sunday slate. Let’s go.

IND @ HOU (-2) o/u 209

IND: Pacers get the Rockets on their second game of a back to back after dropping another one at home. Dipo gets a lot of attention from the Rockets and they have capable defenders to slow him down some as we saw when they played less than a week ago. Harden is the same price as him so if I’m picking one or the other I’m going Harden. Cory Joseph is $3700 and has played over 30 minutes the last 2 games and not a bad punt play here. Turner has really been struggling of late and is down to a new low of the season at $4700. In fact, every player outside of Sabonis and Dipo are below 5k

Tier 1: Cory Joseph
Tier 2: Bojan, Collison, Tyreke (GPP), Myles Turner
Tier 3: Dipo, Sabonis, Thad

HOU: As I mentioned above Dipo and Harden are the same price. Even though they are the same price, Harden has a higher floor and ceiling than Dipo so I like him a lot more here. CP3 has not looked himself and the elbow injury he’s playing through must be having something to with that. At only 7.1k though he is still worth a look. Melo and Green are out for this one, while Gordon returned last game and put up 26 shots. At $5500 Gordon needs to be considered especially if he is going to get that many looks to score.

Tier 1: Harden, Gordon, Capela
Tier 2: CP3
Tier 3:

ORL @ NY (-1.5) o/u 210

ORL: The Magic players have been really priced up now to where I don’t have much appeal. Gordon is questionable so if he is ruled out that opens up some minutes in the front court for Martin and Bamba.

Tier 1:
Tier 2: Fournier, Vooch, Simmons (GPP), Gordon (if he plays)
Tier 3: Ross, Augustin

NY: Knox is back and played 24 minutes last game. At his price point he is worth a gamble on here. He should see at least those same minutes here be able to do enough to reach value at 3.6k. THJ is fairly inconsisent yet he has been getting consistent minutes. We’ve seen hos ceiling though so he’s on the radar for GPPs.

Tier 1: Knox, THJ (GPP)
Tier 2: Mudiay, Kanter (GPP)
Tier 3:

MIL @ DEN (-3.5) o/u 223

MIL: Lopez should get some extra run here to try and slow the Joker down. Giannis is always in play and should get a full allotment of minutes here as long as they don’t blow them out like they did the Warriors. Bledsoe has now had back to back decent games and gets Jamal Murray defense. I like him here even at 6k.

Tier 1: Bledsoe, Lopez, Giannis
Tier 2: Middleton
Tier 3:

DEN: Jokic and Millsap seem to play well against the Bucks if we look at game history the last couple years. Murray and Harris are not as consistent, but are priced down off their recent highs and still in play. Bucks have ceded a lot of 3 pointers this year so that makes me like Murray a bit more, even though I will reserve him more for tourney play.

Tier 1: Harris, Murray (GPP), Jokic, Millsap
Tier 2: Morris
Tier 3: Plumlee

BOS @ POR (-2.5) o/u 214

BOS: Horford is Mr. Consistent and at 6k is in play. Kyrie likes going against other great point guards so he should step up for this one. He has also been playing well in last couple, but his grandpa’s passing may still be weighing heavy on his mind. Different people react differently to events like that so we’ll see how he does. Jaylen Brown just seems too cheap at $4400 even though he hasn’t looked the greatest out there.

Tier 1: Jaylen, Horford, Irving (GPP)
Tier 2: Hayward
Tier 3: Tatum

POR: Lillard is coming back down into playable territory and gets Kyrie defense. McCollum is also still cheap even though he’s on a upward trend right now. Nurk is pretty much a fade for me here. Horford is a good defender, and his minutes are never guaranteed.

Tier 1: Lillard, McColum
Tier 2: Aminu
Tier 3: Nurk

ATL @ LAL (-11) o/u 239

ATL: Dedmon is out for this one so Len should get a longer leash and more run. Huerter is also worth a look as he;s getting close to 30 minutes now and is only 3.4k. Everyone pretty much gets a bump here against the Lakers with the pace bump and no defense.

Tier 1: Len, Huerter, Trae (GPP), Prince
Tier 2: Spellman, Bembry, Bazemore, Lin
Tier 3: Plumlee

LAL: The Lakers get the Hawks tonight who play just as little defense as they do. Chandler is still basically min and a good punt at center if you need it. Bron is a Tier 2 play because I don’t think he will have to do as much today like we saw against the Kings last night. All the mid-range guys are also Tier 2 plays with their current price tags.

Tier 1: Chandler
Tier 2: Lebron, Kuzma, Rondo, McGee, Ingram, Hart
Tier 3: Ball (GPP), KCP (GPP)


Good talk and good luck