DFS Week 12 – 11/25/2018

Defense and Special Teams:

LAC D/ST $3400 vs ARI: This one feels like it could be a little risky, but the Chargers have been playing well as a whole, and Rosen has not been good at all this year. As long as Rosen didn’t suddenly become a stud, the Chargers should get a few turnovers.

BAL D/ST $3300 vs OAK: The Raiders have been in full tank mode since Week 2 or something it seems. Can’t see this game staying competitive which will only benefit the Ravens.

BUF D/ST $2700 vs JAX: Sneaky play here to me. The Jaguars are venturing out of the hot humidity and into a little colder climate of Buffalo. The low total only adds to the appeal here.

SEA D/ST $2200 @ CAR: This play is just too cheap here. Even though the Panthers will put up points on them, the worst a defense can do is minus 4.

IND D/ST $2900 vs MIA: Last, but not least, I must remind you one more time that the Dolphins suck.


Good talk and good luck