NBA DFS – 12/3/2018

Nice 7 game slate to start the week off. Let’s get back on the grind and win some money

OKC @ DET (+1) o/u 221

OKC: Can’t see Westbrook being slowed down much here. The other play catching my eye at first glance is Steven Adams. Centers have been playing well against Detroit and his price has come down to a fair price with Russell on the court. With this game implied to stay close I don’t mind paying up for Russell here.

Tier 1: Westbrook, Adams
Tier 2: PG
Tier 3: Grant

DET: BG is down to an intiguing price. I like the thought of running back someone on the Detroit side with Westbrook. BG would be the guy I’d go to. I’ll be avoiding the backcourt here entirely. Drummond against Adams is an easy pass for me with all other value at center.

Tier 1: BG
Tier 2: Bullock
Tier 3:

CLE @ BKN (-6) o/u 212

CLE: Tristan is going to be one of the most owned players in the slate tonight and for good reason. I’ll most likely be eating the chalk here. Not much interest elsewhere with them getting Hill back and limiting the upside of everyone a bit.

Tier 1: Tristan Thompson
Tier 2: Sexton (GPP), Burks
Tier 3:

BKN: Joe Harris may be back for this game so that brings down my appeal for most of the plays here. Russell’s price is high enough for me to pass fairly easily. Carroll is interesting at $3900 even if he only plays around 25 minutes he should reach value. Crabbe is another punt play to look at, but I like him more if Harris is out.

Tier 1:
Tier 2: Harris (if he plays), Allen, Crabbe, Carroll, RHJ
Tier 3:

DEN @ TOR (-6.5) o/u 219

DEN: Really not a whole lot of appeal here for me. Harris seems too cheap at $5100. Jokic is also pretty cheap, but hasn’t been reaching value this year regardless the price. Plumlee is playing well and worth a flier on. Millsap is the other guy to consider here. He’s trending up and should be fine here against Siakam.

Tier 1: Harris
Tier 2: Millsap, Plumlee, Jokic (GPP)
Tier 3:

TOR: Lowry is back so not as much appeal for Kawhi now. These teams both play fairly slow and can play defense so I may avoid the Raps completely. Ibaka does seem too cheap if he starts here.

Tier 1: Ibaka (GPP if he starts)
Tier 2: Leonard, Jonas (GPP), Siakam
Tier 3:

GS @ ATL (+10.5) o/u 232

GS: Curry got plenty of run last game and this should be no different if it stays competitive. Blowout risk is real here so be wary. This is a big pace up spot here so can’t ignore the Warriors.

Tier 1: Curry
Tier 2: KD, Klay
Tier 3: Looney, Bell

ATL: Collins if he was PF eligible would be much more appealing. He’s still appealing at the 5.3k price point though. Trae has upside here against Curry, but his minutes are far from secure here. If he struggle we could see a lot more Linsanity.

Tier 1: Collins
Tier 2: Trae (GPP), Prince, Bazemore, Huerter, Dedmon
Tier 3: Bembry

WAS @ NY (+1.5) o/u 228

WAS: Good spot here for the Wizards. Wall and Beal are great plays at their price points. Porter is active after being ruled previously so that takes time away from Green, Kief, and Oubre. Beal is probably my preferred target here. Wall I like as well, but it’s a close choice between him and Curry for $200 more.

Tier 1: Wall, Beal, Morris (GPP)
Tier 2: Porter, Green, Oubre
Tier 3:

NY: Knicks also in a great spot here. No Burke so that should solidify the minutes for Mudiay. Trier is also worth a look if you want to take a GPP dart there. Vonleh has a great matchup as well as Kanter. This Wizards front court is bad and as I’ve mentioned before one of the worst rebounding teams.

Tier 1: Kanter, Vonleh
Tier 2: Mudiay, Trier (GPP)
Tier 3: Robinson

HOU @ MIN (+2) o/u 220

HOU: Capela is way up due to his recent play, but also in a good spot. The price has me off him a bit though. CP3 is worth a look, but with him and Harden both healthy I don’t have much interest here.

Tier 1:
Tier 2: Harden, CP3, Capela
Tier 3:

MIN: KAT is down to 9k which is only $400 more than Capela. I like the spot even though he hasn’t had a great game recently. Teague is a bit too cheap, but has some upside in a close matchup. No one else really is worth it to me.

Tier 1: KAT
Tier 2: Teague
Tier 3:

LAC @ NO (-2.5) o/u 236

LAC: The late night hammer features the Clips in a fast-paced game on a back to back. Not really too high on anyone here as they are all priced accurately. The only one I really have interest in is Lou Will, especially in tournaments where he seems too cheap.

Tier 1: Lou Will (GPP)
Tier 2: Harrell, Harris. Gallo
Tier 3:

NO: AD is probably the best play of the slate, but comes with the highest price tag as well. Jrue is in a solid spot here too even though he doesn’t get as many assists playing off ball from Frazier. Speaking of Frazier, he’s just a bit too pricey for me now.

Tier 1: AD, Jrue
Tier 2: Frazier
Tier 3: Mirotic, Randle

Good talk and good luck