NBA DFS – 12/6/2018

3 game slate, let’s go.

NY  @ BOS (-12.5) o/u 217

NY: It is very hard to trust this Knicks rotation outside of Hardaway and Vonley somewhat. I like both of them, but this one is also set for a blowout so that affects things. Trier and Knox could end up with extra run if that is the case so be wary of that. Courtney Lee made his debut last game and may not be this cheap for the rest of the season.

Tier 1: Courtney Lee, Vonleh
Tier 2: Robinson, Hardaway, Mudiay, Trier, Knox
Tier 3: Dotson, Hezonja

BOS: Everyone is price up here so there isn’t much to say. They have a good matchup, but they also don’t have anyone that you can safely project for 30 minutes. If this game gets out of hand you can look to Rozier and Smart, while if it stays close Irving and the starters have more appeal. One guy who seems to get semi-consistent run regardless of the score is Morris, so I don’t mind playing him here as much as the others.

Tier 1:
Tier 2: Hayward, Irving, Horford, Morris
Tier 3: Smart, Jaylen, Rozier, Baynes

PHO @ POR (no line yet)

PHO: Lots of news to come on this one so pay attention. As it stands I would think Warren will be out again. Melton stepped up last game, but I think that could be more a one game blip. Unless he is starting I would rather go to Okobo again. Jackson should not be as highly owned this time around so he is also worth a look. Still liking Ariza here, even though he will have a tough matchup with Aminu. Ayton still needs a look as well, although Holmes may be the player to target in the frontcourt. Again pay attention to ear if the lineup changes or Warren ends up playing.

Tier 1: Okobo (GPP), Melton (GPP), Ariza, Jackson (GPP), Holmes (GPP), Warren (if he plays)
Tier 2: Ayton
Tier 3:

POR: McCollum is questionable here. If he sits then I like Lillard a lot, but if he plays, I’ll probably end up fading both. The Suns have been terrible so I can’t really see them keeping this competitive more than maybe 1 out of 10 times. Much like the Boston game, if you think this stays close you can pay up for the starters, but if you think it gets out of hand you can look to the bench players to get more run.

Tier 1: Lillard (if McCollum is out)
Tier 2: McCollum, Nurkic, Aminu, Turner
Tier 3: Harkless, Leonard, Stauskas

HOU @ UTA (-2) o/u 217

HOU: This may end up being the game to target according to the implied Vegas spreads. Harden and CP3 seem accurately to borderline too cheap here. The Jazz haven’t been good defensively, but it seems the Rockets got a discount as if they were. Capela is a bit too pricey for me. Outside of the big 3 I don’t have much interest.

Tier 1: Harden, CP3
Tier 2: Capela, Green, Tucker
Tier 3: Gordon, Ennis

UTA: These guys are just overpriced for the way they have been playing. Gobert costs more than Capela so I’s rather save and go to any other center. Jingles may be the fairest priced play here along with Rubio. Rubio is going to be my main target of the Jazz if I get any. The only way I play more than Jingles and Rubio is if I truly believe the Jazz will turn it around here and play up to their ceiling for a playoff rematch game. That could be, but I’ll stick with the two aforementioned more often than not in this 3 game slate.

Tier 1: Rubio
Tier 2: Jingles, Favors, Crowder, Korver
Tier 3:

Good talk and good luck