NBA DFS – 12/6/2018

3 game slate, let’s go.

NY  @ BOS (-12.5) o/u 217

NY: It is very hard to trust this Knicks rotation outside of Hardaway and Vonley somewhat. I like both of them, but this one is also set for a blowout so that affects things. Trier and Knox could end up with extra run if that is the case so be wary of that. Courtney Lee made his debut last game and may not be this cheap for the rest of the season.

Tier 1: Courtney Lee, Vonleh
Tier 2: Robinson, Hardaway, Mudiay, Trier, Knox
Tier 3: Dotson, Hezonja

BOS: Everyone is price up here so there isn’t much to say. They have a good matchup, but they also don’t have anyone that you can safely project for 30 minutes. If this game gets out of hand you can look to Rozier and Smart, while if it stays close Irving and the starters have more appeal. One guy who seems to get semi-consistent run regardless of the score is Morris, so I don’t mind playing him here as much as the others.

Tier 1:
Tier 2: Hayward, Irving, Horford, Morris
Tier 3: Smart, Jaylen, Rozier, Baynes

PHO @ POR (no line yet)

PHO: Lots of news to come on this one so pay attention. As it stands I would think Warren will be out again. Melton stepped up last game, but I think that could be more a one game blip. Unless he is starting I would rather go to Okobo again. Jackson should not be as highly owned this time around so he is also worth a look. Still liking Ariza here, even though he will have a tough matchup with Aminu. Ayton still needs a look as well, although Holmes may be the player to target in the frontcourt. Again pay attention to ear if the lineup changes or Warren ends up playing.

Tier 1: Okobo (GPP), Melton (GPP), Ariza, Jackson (GPP), Holmes (GPP), Warren (if he plays)
Tier 2: Ayton
Tier 3:

POR: McCollum is questionable here. If he sits then I like Lillard a lot, but if he plays, I’ll probably end up fading both. The Suns have been terrible so I can’t really see them keeping this competitive more than maybe 1 out of 10 times. Much like the Boston game, if you think this stays close you can pay up for the starters, but if you think it gets out of hand you can look to the bench players to get more run.

Tier 1: Lillard (if McCollum is out)
Tier 2: McCollum, Nurkic, Aminu, Turner
Tier 3: Harkless, Leonard, Stauskas

HOU @ UTA (-2) o/u 217

HOU: This may end up being the game to target according to the implied Vegas spreads. Harden and CP3 seem accurately to borderline too cheap here. The Jazz haven’t been good defensively, but it seems the Rockets got a discount as if they were. Capela is a bit too pricey for me. Outside of the big 3 I don’t have much interest.

Tier 1: Harden, CP3
Tier 2: Capela, Green, Tucker
Tier 3: Gordon, Ennis

UTA: These guys are just overpriced for the way they have been playing. Gobert costs more than Capela so I’s rather save and go to any other center. Jingles may be the fairest priced play here along with Rubio. Rubio is going to be my main target of the Jazz if I get any. The only way I play more than Jingles and Rubio is if I truly believe the Jazz will turn it around here and play up to their ceiling for a playoff rematch game. That could be, but I’ll stick with the two aforementioned more often than not in this 3 game slate.

Tier 1: Rubio
Tier 2: Jingles, Favors, Crowder, Korver
Tier 3:

Good talk and good luck


NBA DFS – 12/5/2018

Hump day. 10 games. Let’s go through the positions. By the way, studs for me are going to be priced above 9k, while mid-range is 5-9k, and value is less than 5k.

Point Guards


Russell Westbrook $11200 @ BKN –  Russ is the only high-priced, only PG eligible option on this slate. I do like him, but he’s not necessary a priority for me. There is plenty of value though if you do want to go stars and scrubs and squeeze him in.

Steph Curry $9700 @ CLE – Good spot for him here while he is still under 10k. If the game stays closer than expected he could get the low 30s in minutes and completely crush value


Kemba Walker $8100 @ MIN – he still has the upside here and is price has come down quite a bit since he hasn’t hit his ceiling in awhile. 

Trae Young $6000 vs WAS – Great matchup in what should be a fast-paced battle of terrible defenses. It sounds like Rivers is moving into the starting lineup whic means this matchup is just as good if Wall was playing “defense”.

Jamal Murray $6700 @ ORL – No Harris and no Barton means he should have a higher usage and play plenty minutes. Got to love him here going against a Magic team on the second night of a back to back.

Lonzo Ball $5200 vs SA – just seems a bit too cheap for me. Risky of course with the low floor, but has decent upside at this price with Rondo still out.


George Hill $3700 vs GSW – so much for a minutes limit as he played 35 minutes last game. He’s going to be very popular because of that

T.J. McConnell $3400 @ TOR – playing backup point guard minutes now with Fultz which makes him intriguing at this price point. Now last game Chandler was out, so seeing 30+ minutes tonight probably won’t happen, but 22-25 is not unreasonable.

Austin Rivers $3400 @ ATL – with Wall out and Austin starting someone is going to have to take the usage. While Beal will take the most, Rivers is not afraid to get his shots up.

Colin Sexton $4900 vs GSW – Still played 32 minutes last game with Hill back and getting 35 minutes himself. Now that affects his usage, but under 5k Sexton needs some consideration.

NBA DFS – 12/4/2018

Happy Tuesday and happy 5 game slate. Let’s get started

CHI @ IND (-8.5) o/u 210

CHI: Going to be interesting to see the rotation with the new coach of the Bulls, Jim Boylen. His first move as coach was putting Jabari back on the bench in favor of Markannen. That already makes me not as confident in the minutes for anyone now. That being said, Markannen at 5.4k is not a terrible price to pay if we think he could get 30 or so minutes.

Tier 1: Markannen (GPP), Carter
Tier 2: LaVine, Holiday
Tier 3: Payne (GPP)

IND: The Bulls are not a great rebounding team so Turner and Sabonis are in play. Collison is price up too much for me here. Reke eventually has to have a big game, and it’ll probably be now since I probably won’t be getting much exposure to him..

Tier 1: Sabonis (GPP)
Tier 2: Turner, Tyreke (GPP)
Tier 3: Collison

ORL @ MIA (-2.5) o/u 209

ORL: The long road trip worries me a bit, and with so many other viable plays I don’t find myself landing on many Magic players. Paying up for Vooch is hard with so many value options at the position. Only Lillard is priced higher, and I’d rather pay up for him

Tier 1:
Tier 2: Vooch, Gordon, Augustin, Ross (GPP)
Tier 3: Fournier, Simmons

MIA: Miami is getting healthy this game so my appeal is low especially on the backcourt. Whiteside has upside here even with the $7700 price tag. He is still risky as minutes are never guaranteed. Olynyk has seen extended run over the last 2, and if James Johnson sits from his illness it only adds to the appeal here.

Tier 1: Whiteside (GPP), Olynyk (GPP)
Tier 2: Richardson
Tier 3: Bam

POR @ DAL (-2) o/u 220

POR: Lillard seems too pricey, but if you have to pay up for someone he’s going to be my guy. I still like Nurkic here even after going over the 7k mark finally. Turner should be back so that limits the upside for Harkless whonhad a decent game last time out and is still starting. McCollum is too pricey for me here although if you don’t pay up for Lillard it makes sense to consider him.

Tier 1: Lillard, Nurkic
Tier 2: McCollum, Harkless, Turner, Aminu
Tier 3:

DAL: Not a whole lot to like for me here. Unless news comes out with people sitting, the only player I want to target to Doncic. He can fill the stat sheet any given game and at 7k he still has upside.

Tier 1: Doncic (GPP)
Tier 2: DJ, Wesley
Tier 3:

SA @ UTA (-6) o/u 214

SA: Normally this would be a game to avoid altogether, but on a 5 game slate we have to consider these teams. Still keeping it short and sweet here, the only play I really am considering is LMA. He’s just a little underpriced. Now the Spurs do play tomorrow so the random rest from Popovich does worry me somewhat.

Tier 1: LMA
Tier 2: Demar, Bertans, Gay
Tier 3: White (GPP)

UTA: Rubio is cheaper than Collison on this slate somehow so I can’t see me jumping off him. Jingles is super cheap yet hasn’t done much recently. Crowder is a target here as well with the Spurs struggling to guard the 4s this season. Mitchell is way to expensive here for me. With the way he’s played this year he should be closer to low 7k high 6k range.

Tier 1: Rubio, Jingles (GPP), Crowder
Tier 2: Favors, Gobert
Tier 3:

SAC @ PHO (+6.5) o/u 226

SAC: Bagley has been ruled out for this one now. Last game we saw Justin Jackson play more 4 while Bogdan, Fox, WCS, and Hield all soaked up his minutes. My favorite plays here are Bogdan and WCS. Fox is in a good spot too, but his price is up which lowers my appeal.

Tier 1: WCS, Bogdan, Hield (GPP)
Tier 2: Fox, Shump
Tier 3: Bjelica

PHO: I’m not super high on Jackson today even though it is a good spot. Be could see 36+ minutes here in a fast-paced matchup which is hard to argue against. I just am not super confident in him. I like Ariza for a bit more who’ll get just as much run if stays competitive. Holmes though might be my favorite play here for value. Ayton of course has to be looked at too in this great spot.

Tier 1: Holmes, Ariza, Ayton
Tier 2: Jackson (GPP), Okobo
Tier 3: Bridges

Good talk and good luck

NBA DFS – 12/3/2018

Nice 7 game slate to start the week off. Let’s get back on the grind and win some money

OKC @ DET (+1) o/u 221

OKC: Can’t see Westbrook being slowed down much here. The other play catching my eye at first glance is Steven Adams. Centers have been playing well against Detroit and his price has come down to a fair price with Russell on the court. With this game implied to stay close I don’t mind paying up for Russell here.

Tier 1: Westbrook, Adams
Tier 2: PG
Tier 3: Grant

DET: BG is down to an intiguing price. I like the thought of running back someone on the Detroit side with Westbrook. BG would be the guy I’d go to. I’ll be avoiding the backcourt here entirely. Drummond against Adams is an easy pass for me with all other value at center.

Tier 1: BG
Tier 2: Bullock
Tier 3:

CLE @ BKN (-6) o/u 212

CLE: Tristan is going to be one of the most owned players in the slate tonight and for good reason. I’ll most likely be eating the chalk here. Not much interest elsewhere with them getting Hill back and limiting the upside of everyone a bit.

Tier 1: Tristan Thompson
Tier 2: Sexton (GPP), Burks
Tier 3:

BKN: Joe Harris may be back for this game so that brings down my appeal for most of the plays here. Russell’s price is high enough for me to pass fairly easily. Carroll is interesting at $3900 even if he only plays around 25 minutes he should reach value. Crabbe is another punt play to look at, but I like him more if Harris is out.

Tier 1:
Tier 2: Harris (if he plays), Allen, Crabbe, Carroll, RHJ
Tier 3:

DEN @ TOR (-6.5) o/u 219

DEN: Really not a whole lot of appeal here for me. Harris seems too cheap at $5100. Jokic is also pretty cheap, but hasn’t been reaching value this year regardless the price. Plumlee is playing well and worth a flier on. Millsap is the other guy to consider here. He’s trending up and should be fine here against Siakam.

Tier 1: Harris
Tier 2: Millsap, Plumlee, Jokic (GPP)
Tier 3:

TOR: Lowry is back so not as much appeal for Kawhi now. These teams both play fairly slow and can play defense so I may avoid the Raps completely. Ibaka does seem too cheap if he starts here.

Tier 1: Ibaka (GPP if he starts)
Tier 2: Leonard, Jonas (GPP), Siakam
Tier 3:

GS @ ATL (+10.5) o/u 232

GS: Curry got plenty of run last game and this should be no different if it stays competitive. Blowout risk is real here so be wary. This is a big pace up spot here so can’t ignore the Warriors.

Tier 1: Curry
Tier 2: KD, Klay
Tier 3: Looney, Bell

ATL: Collins if he was PF eligible would be much more appealing. He’s still appealing at the 5.3k price point though. Trae has upside here against Curry, but his minutes are far from secure here. If he struggle we could see a lot more Linsanity.

Tier 1: Collins
Tier 2: Trae (GPP), Prince, Bazemore, Huerter, Dedmon
Tier 3: Bembry

WAS @ NY (+1.5) o/u 228

WAS: Good spot here for the Wizards. Wall and Beal are great plays at their price points. Porter is active after being ruled previously so that takes time away from Green, Kief, and Oubre. Beal is probably my preferred target here. Wall I like as well, but it’s a close choice between him and Curry for $200 more.

Tier 1: Wall, Beal, Morris (GPP)
Tier 2: Porter, Green, Oubre
Tier 3:

NY: Knicks also in a great spot here. No Burke so that should solidify the minutes for Mudiay. Trier is also worth a look if you want to take a GPP dart there. Vonleh has a great matchup as well as Kanter. This Wizards front court is bad and as I’ve mentioned before one of the worst rebounding teams.

Tier 1: Kanter, Vonleh
Tier 2: Mudiay, Trier (GPP)
Tier 3: Robinson

HOU @ MIN (+2) o/u 220

HOU: Capela is way up due to his recent play, but also in a good spot. The price has me off him a bit though. CP3 is worth a look, but with him and Harden both healthy I don’t have much interest here.

Tier 1:
Tier 2: Harden, CP3, Capela
Tier 3:

MIN: KAT is down to 9k which is only $400 more than Capela. I like the spot even though he hasn’t had a great game recently. Teague is a bit too cheap, but has some upside in a close matchup. No one else really is worth it to me.

Tier 1: KAT
Tier 2: Teague
Tier 3:

LAC @ NO (-2.5) o/u 236

LAC: The late night hammer features the Clips in a fast-paced game on a back to back. Not really too high on anyone here as they are all priced accurately. The only one I really have interest in is Lou Will, especially in tournaments where he seems too cheap.

Tier 1: Lou Will (GPP)
Tier 2: Harrell, Harris. Gallo
Tier 3:

NO: AD is probably the best play of the slate, but comes with the highest price tag as well. Jrue is in a solid spot here too even though he doesn’t get as many assists playing off ball from Frazier. Speaking of Frazier, he’s just a bit too pricey for me now.

Tier 1: AD, Jrue
Tier 2: Frazier
Tier 3: Mirotic, Randle

Good talk and good luck

NBA DFS – 12/1/2018

Starting off December with a nice 6 game slate. Let’s get it

BKN @ WAS (-6.5) o/u 228

BKN: Pace up spot here against an undersized Washington team. Now they are coming off an overtime game where several players logged high 30s to mid 40s in minutes. Not super worried about that here as most plays are cheap enough to take that risk. With Howard out I am a little skeptical of Allen’s minutes, but $5400 is too cheap for his recent production. As long as Joe Harris is out there will be more minutes for Russell, Dinwiddie, and Napier. Carroll also should get good minutes here and is too cheap at $3400.

Tier 1: Carroll, Allen, Napier (GPP)
Tier 2: Russell, Dinwiddie, RHJ, Crabbe, Davis (GPP)
Tier 3:

WAS: Jeff Green is a game time decision tonight. If he sits then I think Thomas Bryant could get a few extra minutes. Bryant played 19 minutes last night, but that was in part to needing him to try and guard Embiid. If he can get close to that 20 minutes mark he has a lot of appeal. Markieff had a terrible game last night and is in a perfect bounceback spot here. His price is up so it’s not a must play. Wall and Beal are so close in price now that if I go to one I’ll be paying the extra $900 for Wall. Porter should be back here and is a great play that should be well rested.

Tier 1: Wall, Beal, Porter (GPP), Morris
Tier 2: Bryant, Oubre
Tier 3: Sato

GS @ DET (+5) o/u 230

GS: The return of Steph is the big news here. He is cheap as long as he doesn’t have a minutes limitation. KD is under 11k and worth a look too here, even though he gets a bump down from Curry returning. Looney may be the beneficiary of playing against Drummond and get a few extra minutes if you need to go there.

Tier 1: Curry
Tier 2: KD
Tier 3: Looney

DET: BG and Drummond are the main players to consider here. Both should have success with Dray still out and both firmly in play. The backcourt is hit or miss and could even get more crowded if Kennard plays. Bullock has seen the most consistent minutes and is the only guy I’ll look at as long as Kennard isn’t in the rotation.

Tier 1: BG, Drummond
Tier 2: Bullock
Tier 3: Stanley

TOR @ CLE (+14) o/u 215

TOR: It hard to picture a scenario in which this game stays close. Not much appeal here for me for any of the starters. I suppose Siakam could get run regardless, but still his price is too high for me. Look to the bench if you want anyone here.

Tier 1:
Tier 2: VanVleet, Delon
Tier 3: Miles

CLE: TT is hard to avoid here at $5800. He’s been getting minutes and been really consistent outside a dud against Steven Adams. Burks had decent run since the game turned to a blowout. If you project this to be a blowout then you can join me in having a bit of exposure to him.

Tier 1: TT
Tier 2: Burks
Tier 3:

BOS @ MIN (-2.5) o/u 217

BOS: Horford will be back here tonight while Jaylen is doubtful. Horford has a decent matchup with KAT, but not necesarily a priority. Smart should get extended minutes and is a cheap value play if you need it. Other than that when this team is healthy I don’t really like anyone

Tier 1:
Tier 2: Horford, Smart, Kyrie
Tier 3: Hayward, Tatum, Morris

MIN: KAT needs consideration here and is pretty much the only target for me from Minnesota. Roco is priced up to the point I’m okay passing on him. Teague has some appeal as he the best matchup against Kyrie.

Tier 1: KAT (GPP)
Tier 2: Teague, Roco
Tier 3:

CHI @ HOU (-12) o/u 219

CHI: Wendell Carter finally stayed out of foul trouble. He’s too cheap to the point that his price takes into consideration his foul issues. Not super high on anyone else. Lavine and Carter are fine, but if you play them then you are betting this game stays close.

Tier 1: Wendell Carter
Tier 2: Lavine, Parker, Holiday
Tier 3:

HOU: Keep an eye on CP3 here because if he sits then Harden needs to be fired up. Capela is playing great right now and is worth a look with or without CP3. Everyone else is priced up to CP3 being out prices.

Tier 1: Capela
Tier 2: Harden, CP3
Tier 3:

IND @ SAC (+2) o/u 225

IND: Sabonis is questionable so keep an eye out for that. If he sits then Turner is a borderline must play with O’Quinn a punt play. If he plays it’s a great spot in a nice pace up game against a bigger front court where he could get closer to 30 minutes. Tyreke Evans has the narrative in this one and is worth a look if you like that stuff. Collison also spent time with the Kings, but is now priced up to $5400 where I don’t mind avoiding.

Tier 1: Sabonis (if he plays), Tyreke (GPP), Turner (if Sabonis is out)
Tier 2: Turner (if Sabonis plays), Collison
Tier 3: Joseph

SAC: Bagley is questionable with back spasms so another thing to watch for in this game. WCS is still underpriced here and worth a look. Bogdan is seeing minutes regardless and looks to be taking over a bigger offensive load. Fox should be looked at still since he’s under 7k.

Tier 1: Bagley (if he’s in), WCS (GPP), Bogdan (GPP), Bjelica (if Bagley is out)
Tier 2: Fox
Tier 3:

Good talk and good luck

NBA DFS – 11/30/2018

Happy Friday.. we got a huge 11 game slate here.. gonna switch this up and try going by positions tonight. Studs, mid-range, and value.

Point Guard


Russell Westbrook $11500 vs ATL –  more likely to pay up for him if CP3 plays, great spot, but does have the blowout potential

Kyrie Irving $9300 vs CLE – usage up in recent games, no Horford and Jaylen only add to his appeal

John Wall $9000 @ PHI – the best player on opposing teams against the Sixers have been putting up great games, Wall could do the same


Kemba Walker $8800 vs UTA – yeah almost a stud play but his price has come down, Utah hasn’t been defending the point well so he’s worth a look.

Dennis Schroder $5700 vs ATL – playing his old team, should get plenty of run regardless of the blowout

Trae Young $6400 @ OKC – if this game stays close it will because Trae has a great game, Lin being out ensures he should get at least 30 minutes

Luka Doncic $7100 @ LAL – stat sheet stuffing point guard in a pace up spot against the Lakers, nothing to not like here


Elie Okobo $3000 vs ORL – going to be super chalky, but with Warren ruled out he becomes almost a must play

Tim Frazier $4200 @ MIA – don’t think he will go off like last game, but still too cheap to ignore completely

Shooting Guard


James Harden $11700 @ SA – too many minutes and too much usage if CP3 is out to ignore


Devin Booker $8300 vs ORL – this should be a competitive game meaning minutes are secure, add that to the usage bump without Warren and he’s a fine play

J.J. Redick $5300 vs WAS – sleeper pick for me, more of a roster filler in a pace up game against a terrible defense


Josh Hart $3600 vs DAL – starting to get his minutes back so worth a look if you need a punt

KCP $3500 vs DAL – minutes have been around 20 as well, I wouldn’t take him and Hart though since they are both vying for the same minutes

Marcus Smart $4300 vs CLE – the minutes will be there, so he should be able to reach value, not a must start by any means

Small Forward


Lebron James $10600 vs DAL – solid play, but not a real priority for me with other studs on the slate near his price point


Paul George $8600 vs ATL – again the blowout potential is there, but he and Russell will be the reason for the blowout if it gets out of hand

Marcus Morris $5400 vs CLE – Horford and Brown out so he should get extended run against a bad Cleveland team

Ben Simmons $8500 vs WAS – feels like a triple double spot for him as long as it stays competitive, love Simmons here


Josh Jackson $3800 vs ORL – no Warren so should get the minutes

Mikal Bridges $3500 vs ORL – same as mentioned above

Power Forward


Anthony Davis $11400 @ MIA – other studs have more priority for me, but not a terrible play


Markieff Morris $5500 @ PHI – no Porter here and no Dwight so he should be getting plenty of run

Larry Nance $5600 @ BOS – should be locked into plenty of minutes once again, good bounceback spot

JJJ $5800 @ BKN – if he doesn’t foul out he will see plenty of run, has huge upside against the Nets


Jonathan Isaac $4400 @ PHO – still a good value here as long as Gordon is out

Jerami Grant $4500 vs ATL – more potential for the peripheral stats here in the fast paced game with the Hawks



Andre Drummond $9400 vs CHI – just too cheap here in a great spot versus a rookie and Brook Lopez

Joel Embiid $10900 vs WAS – should feast here against the worst rebounding team in the league, the Wizards literally have no one to stop him

Nikola Vucevic $8900 @ PHX – been rolling and should continue here against Ayton who isn’t a great defender


Tristan Thomson $6000 @ BOS – not really a priority, but play too many minutes to ignore

Wendell Carter $4700 @ DET – if he can stay out of foul trouble he would be a great play here at this price

John Collins $5600 @ OKC – tough matchup inside, but can go off any game with this price

Jusef Nurkic $6700 vs DEN – my favorite play today, just too cheap here in a competitive game against his former team


Thomas Bryant $3300 @ PHI – should get a few more minutes against Embiid as long as he can stay out of foul trouble

Aron Baynes $3200 vs CLE – was efficient last time Horford was out, decent punt play here again against TT

Good talk and good luck

NBA DFS – 11/29/2018

Back to a small 3 game slate. Tough one too so let’s get in.

GS @ TOR (-9) o/u 226

GS: Warriors are still without Curry and Dray is questionable for this one. The Raptors are good defensively from the top to bottom so they lose some appeal for me. KD is basically matchup proof, but Kawhi is definitely going to slow him down and is far from a lock at 11k. Klay is also way up to $7400 now for this one and I won’t be forcing him in either. I really am not feeling the Warriors for the most part here.

Tier 1: KD (GPP)
Tier 2: Klay, Cook, Iggy
Tier 3: Jerebko, Looney

TOR: I am sure Kawhi will be locked in for this one since he hasn’t gotten to play against them healthy since having to exit early in playoffs from Zaza running under him. Ibaka is too cheap here and should get plenty of run. The Warriors don’t have a legit center so that only adds to the appeal. Siakam should also be locked into solid minutes here and is viable at 6.1k.

Tier 1: Kawhi Leonard, Ibaka
Tier 2: Green (GPP), Siakam, Lowry (GPP)
Tier 3:

IND @ LAL (-4.5) o/u 218

IND: Big pace up spot for the Pacers tonight. Turner and Sabonis are going in up in price now and yet still need consideration on this 3 game slate. With Dipo out they have both seen bumps in usage and I like both of them against the Lakers. Hopefully the price points will lower ownership. Collison is way too cheap here after having back to back good games and seeing his price move up $100 over that period. Evans has disappointed since entering the starting lineup for Dipo and is back to 5k. I will still fire him up in GPPs because he still has the 45-50 fantasy point upside.

Tier 1: Turner, Collison, Sabonis (GPP)
Tier 2: McDermott (GPP), Evans (GPP), Thad, Bojan
Tier 3:

LAL: Ball is going to be a game time decision so keep an eye out for that. Pacers have been good defensive team this year so the Lakers get a bump down. One thing the Pacers don’t have is someone to guard Lebron. He has owned this team his whole career and I don’t expect that to change now that he is in the purple and gold. His price has come down to a reasonable price and it’s just in time for a big game from him. Everyone else is worth a look, but more Tier 2 plays. Lance, Hart, and Ingram should get a bump if Ball is ruled out.

Tier 1: LBJ
Tier 2: Ingram, Hart (if Ball is out), Lance, McGee, Kuzma, Pope, Ball (GPP)
Tier 3: Chandler

LAC @ SAC (+3) o/u 235

LAC: Some late news last night ruled out Gortat and gave the start to the Boban. If he starts again he will be very chalky as his price has come down. Harrell is up to $7600 and seems too pricey now. He has a high floor, but the upside is limited for him at that price point. Harris had a bad game against the Suns and should bounceback here against the Kings. He too is a bit pricey for my liking though. Gallinari on the other hand has played well of late and is more fairly priced at $6500. Lou is too cheap at $5600 here even when everyone is healthy. SGA also needs consideration as his price is coming back down to playable territory with everyone healthy. This is the second night of a back to back so pay mind to late night scratches.

Tier 1: Boban (if he starts), Gallinari, Harrell (GPP), Lou Will 
Tier 2: Harris, SGA, Beverley
Tier 3:

SAC: This Kings rotation as been all over the last couple games in part to playing the Warriors and then getting blown out after that. WCS should get back to playing 30 minutes here in a competitive game and is only $5900. Hield is getting around 30 minutes a night, give or take a few, which should be enough run to reach value at $5700. Fox has had a couple bad games and seems priced accurately for this matchup. That being said he is not a priority for me when there are other options at point guard, like Collison, who are underpriced. Bogdan is too hit or miss for me to really want now that his price is up. Bagley has been getting run and seems that his price will only be going up from here if that continues. Shumpert will probably be back for this one and take some minutes away from Hield and Bogdan so be mindful of that if you are loading up on the Kings tonight.

Tier 1: Hield (GPP), Bagley, WCS
Tier 2: Shump, Fox
Tier 3: Bjelica, Giles (GPP)

Good talk and good luck